About the Company

 Prime Events Ltd, which is based on private capital, produces and installs modular thermal profile carcass buildings.

Our aim is to provide fast, inexpensive and quality building solutions.
We produce and keep the panels in a factory where the elements are protected against harsh weather conditions up to the installation.
We offer factory packages with a supply period of up to 1.5 months, and that with installation. At the same time, special arrangements based on special projects can be made as well, in which case a separate schedule will be agreed upon with the customer.
Our products have been installed in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Russia.

UAB "Tikras Turtas"
Nekilnojamojo Turto Centras Nr.1

  Birutės g. 11, LT-91204 Klaipėda, Lietuva
Tel./faksas: +370(46)380811; +370(46)310820
Mob.tel.: +370(699)35259
info at tt1 dot lt tikrasturtas